AlfaTrade Review

As the Islamic law dictates, Muslims are prohibited from earning interest when trading. In order to make the trading process simple and possible for clients following the Muslim faith, Forex brokers offers interest-free Forex trading.

AlfaTrade is one of the biggest international provider of financial services since its founding in 2003. AlfaTrade is a FCA-regulated company and an ECN broker with years of experience in fast and secured trading. It offers VIP Islamic Forex accounts, which means that these are interest-free (or also known as swap-free) for Muslims and clients following the Muslim faith.

AlfaTrade offer the top services expected by a Forex broker and provides three payment option (credit and debit cards, WebMoney and Wire transfer) for complete customers’ satisfaction and convenience. Clients can choose also between various account currencies, including euro, Russian rouble and American dollars.

One of the main advantages of AlfaTrade is that it employs advanced platform – MT4 for independent trading, and Mirror Trader for Social Trading (which is a great tool for those entering the trade market). Clients can also use the mobile trader to work on the go, making the experience incredibly simple and convenient. All of the services are also online-based, which means that clients can actually handle their money without going to their broker.

AlfaTrade place their customers first and as one, you can be sure that they will take the time needed to take care of you. Fund security is guaranteed and all the invested funds will be provided with additional security. Clients also receive a protection from the so called “negative balance” – which means that you cannot lose more money that you had initially invested.

AlfaTrade offers superb Algo trading solutions to Muslim clients and also provides links to live performances in Arabic even to people, who are not yet clients. AlfaTrade are the currently best professional analysts in the industry and their passion and dedication are their major strengths. They are more than willing to help their clients and will gladly guide you step by step through the entire process. AlfaTrade Forex customer service offers 24 hours support in your native language in order to make the clients’ experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Amongst their other features, AlfaTrade also includes a daily market analysis to simplify the trading procedure for their clients. Users will also receive Forex signals, and are entitled to free Forex education, including e-books, VOD and Webinars. The education system allows for the client to take matter into their own hands and use the trading system with confidence.

AlfaTrade also takes pride in serving the unique needs of every single one of their customers. AlfaTrade’s accounts are customized to the individual client’s preferences. According to your current needs, you can choose between basic account (with basic spread limits), premium (premium spreads), and VIP trading account (with minimum spread of 1.7). For new members, AlfaTrade also offers a bonus program, which will allow people new to the capital market to learn from the market leaders via the trading mirror tool. This means that even if you don’t have years of experience, you can still be able to boost your trading right from the start!